Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Finally-- a place for our photos!

My three miracles: Lauren, Dylan and Alexis

I've been so frustrated about not having a place to easily post photos to share, so maybe this will work. I really don't intend to blog, so this is great. . .

Alexis on Christmas -- Lauren braided her hair and then I followed Ms. A to try to get a good photo -- and was simply lucky. My daughter, in all her radiant beauty!

Alexis -- how she looks day-to-day -- ahhh, her hair

. . . a little out of chronological order, but I can't pass up posting Alexis' Hallowe'en costume. She had NO idea what was going on, of course.

Alexis, Dylan and me on Hallowe'en. Such a lucky mom.

Again, out of order a tad, from last fall -- don't get many photos of a 9 mo. old in braids (or many chances for her to sit still that long!)

Dylan at his end-of-the-year school presentation -- country theme and a recorder concert combined (and new glasses). . .

Alexis in her tent -- surprise!